When Horizon Zero Dawn came out I was not alone to be amazed by the visuals and amazing creatures in the game. I started this project to practise my hard surface modeling, and try to make something different from an existing formula.
I made my own concept of a raptor, how I think it would look like if it existed in the world of the game, and worked with colors and focuspoints.

Rebecca froden raptor1 2
Rebecca froden raptor8
Rebecca froden raptor3
Rebecca froden raptor4 2
Rebecca froden raptor out1
Rebecca froden raptor out2
Rebecca froden raptor out3

I made this environment to place the raptor in a context.
The stones and the texture of the grass are from megascans. The rest is made in Maya.

Rebecca froden raptor7
Rebecca froden velociraptor concept

This concept was no more then a fast sketch, but enough for me to go on. I worked alot with balance and presure points for the player to aim at.
I wanted the raptor to feel quick with long, thin legs, but still have power with a heavy chest and big neck.

Rebecca froden raptormoods

These are the thoughts behind my concept of the side and tail feathers. When the raptor moves around it is idle, but if threatened it can spread the feathers to make it look bigger and more threatening.